Released Jan. 26th 2012

Current Build is
Updated: Feb 18 TH 2013
Besure to have the latest X10relayer installed to take advantage of the latest options!

This is an Android app designed for Home Automation though you may find other uses.
TAC has Voice activation which not all droids are capable of
However Most are.
T.A.C. was designed for a 3,7 and 10 inch screen Android device.
How ever it now resizes for any display Runing on a larger screen should not be a issue

What you'll need:
A memory card for saving TAC configuration files.
X10Relayer which comes with most Tuicemen software or you can get it here: X10Relayer
A CM15, CM11, or CM19 connected to the PC that X10Relayer is running on
to get the maximun from TAC PCCompanion is needed.
For info See: PCCompanion
T.A.C. can become a portable PC Companion.
For those wishing to give TAC a test run you can down load T.A.C. from the market
If you don't have access to Google Play you can download a copy from the forum

T.A.C. is free!
However if you wish to get me a coffee or two to help keep me awake while I improve this

What can it do?
Work as a touch screen app
Work as a VR app
Send x10commands and recieve them via X10relayer
Chat to PCs or another TAC enabled android like a intercom
Retrieve and speak a weather forecast
Speak callerid and SMS ids and send that info to PcCompanion (PCC)
Speak caller id from a land line call using a voice modem on a PCC PC
Read a list of callers for the day from the same PC
Read a list of reminders
Find out who is home and who is now with a command send to BlueWatch
Display your Cells phone number
Interface with other programs like iHouse with the web interface
Fire off any user command from PC Companion
Act as a security touch screen for occupancy sensing
It realy depends on what hardware and other software you have installed on the X10relayer PC
It is best to check the forum for up to date info and see how others are using this

Here are some screen shots from a 7 inch tablet:

TAC now comes with only two facesets Operator2 and Nicole.
Any of the PCC facesets can be converted to be compatible with TAC
If you wish more sets or wish to use one of your own visit the forum to find how to get them.
MAX, Operator, and Blondie can be downloaded as one download here
These must be placed in the TACFILES/FaceSet folder of your Droids memory card.