The BlueTooth Alerter

Released Dec.22nd 2009

Last Updated: March 25th 2013

Current(BT) Build is
Current(Wi-Fi) build is
Trial versions are one version lower

Detect who's home or not, if they have a BlueTooth enabled Phone or compatible device in decovery mode!
Have a device you wish to use that doesn't stay in discovery mode?
BlueWatch now can ping that device to see if it is still in range.
It will keep pinging for that device so it can detect when it comes back into range.
Starts a user selected program or batch file when user entered Bluetooth devices are detected.
Does a different alert for when signal is lost from the Bluetoth device.
Plays a user selected wave file for devices a user selects.
Displays a small pop up window for each devices signal connection or lost signal.
This window displays a short user entered text or the device name if no text is entered.
Also shows a User selected picture different for connect and signal loss if chosen.
The program also logs none configured BlueTooth device activity.

I didn't forget you Home Automation tinkers either!
Actual It is you it is designed for!

Options,Info and Setting screens

If you have a X10 CM15 or CM19 your able to send x10 signals
It will send either RF or PLC signals.
You can turn on or off a light or appliance with any one of the 256 possible addresses.
A separate signal for both detection and lost of detection.
The program can also be programed to respond to a X10 signal
The program also writes a connection .txt file which updates when each device is located.
This file simply writes the Alert name you specify. So if you have Dave's Home as the Alert thats what gets entered.
When dave leaves the line is deleted.
So you could have a program read this text file and do different tasks based on what is or isn't in the file.
Connected.txt is deleted each time the program is closed.
For those users of BVC, the program also saves a fresh copy of the Connection text file in a wave file!
So asking BVC something can result in the wave file playing back.

Note: .NetFramework 3.5 or higher is needed for this application.
Also if you have a device that won't use the Windows Bluetooth stacks here is a way to force it to

BlueWatch now links directly over a home network to other PCs or the same PC running PcCompanion,AlertDialerPlus Using X10Relayer

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Not sure if you want to donate? Here's a BlueWatch Trial version to give a test run!
If you are looking for the wifi version heres a BlueWatch(wifi)Trial version to give a test run.

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